About Us

We love our pets!  We are a group of pet owners who understand that while owning a pet improves our lives, it also comes with responsibility to our pet and community.  All types of situations come up from finding a sitter or boarding when you have a trip, needing shot and license records to check them in at daycare, having pet records with you while traveling with your pet to check in at the airport, to needing to provide emergency contacts to a caregiver just-in-case.  Also having to explain your pet’s needs, their schedule, prescriptions and dietary preferences to pet care service providers is just one more thing to keep track of. Pet-owners face a lot of day-to-day challenges in keeping their buddies healthy and safe.

And while it is a challenge for the owners, it is not an easy situation for pets either. From food allergies to medications and their doses, all of this information needs to be relayed to the pet service provider, friend or neighbor every time your buddy is in someone else’s care.  Even a minor error may cause your pet a problem.

So, inspired by our own experiences, and that of other pet owners and pet service providers we decided to do something that would make lives of pets, their owners, and the pet community easier. And the rest, as they say, is history.

PetNetX is a platform that allows you to-

  • Create a pet-profile and keep all of your pet’s information in one place
  • Share your pet’s profile and information with pet care service providers, airlines, hotels, and sitters to make sure that your pet’s needs are never neglected.
  • Find pet service providers like vets, emergency clinics, groomers, sitters, etc.
  • Make’s it easy for providers to send you information such as records, prescriptions, receipts, and appointments directly to your PetNetX account.
  • Be a part of a community that looks out for each other
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Why PetNetX?

We at PetNetX are all about taking care of pets and promoting the pet community. And that is why we want to help you in giving them the best care possible by providing you features like,

  • Find Pet care providers

Find a pet sitter, a walker, veterinarians, and groomers for your pet 

  • Get Hired as a pet care provider

PetNetX connects you with pet owners looking for your services

  • Vaccination, Prescription, Insurance and License Records and Reminders

Maintain all records and set reminders when they are due again for your furry buddy to keep them covered and safe. 

  • Pet Tracking

PetNetX allows you to keep your pet’s information current - ensure your pet’s ID (microchip, tags, GPS collar, etc) are tied to the correct address and to your and your emergency contacts.

  • Lost and Found

Lost your buddy? Or found someone else’s? No worries, PetNetX’s Lost and Found feature will help you report it and recover them faster.  Drop a pin and send out a broadcast! 

  • Foster and Adoption Services

Use PetNetX and find the pet of your dreams or show the pets that you are trying to help find their forever homes. 

  • Community Support

We are a growing community of pet lovers - the more pet owners and providers in the community the better the experience for everyone including the pets!

  • Petcare Calendars

Make a detailed calendar for your pet - appointments, medicines, tag renewals, vaccine updates and more

  • Find a new home or need help

It’s sad, but if you need to put your pet up for adoption or have someone else take care of your pet regularly, PetNetX can help

  • Pet Profiles

Each pet has their own separate profile and summarizes it for the pet parent to make things simple!

  • Make events

Does your buddy have a birthday party coming up? Make an event so you don’t forget.