About Us

Caring for your pets

PetNetX is a platform that allows you to-

  • Create a pet-profile and keep all of your pet’s information in one place.
  • Share your pet’s profile and information with pet care service providers, airlines, hotels, and sitters to make sure that your pet’s needs are never neglected.
  • Make’s it easy for providers to send you information such as records, prescriptions, receipts, and appointments directly to your PetNetX account.
  • Be a part of a community that looks out for each other
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Why PetNetX

We at PetNetX are all about taking care of pets and promoting the pet community. And that is why we want to help you in giving them the best care possible by providing you features like,

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Managing your Pets

PetNetX lets you create a pet-profile and gather all the information, physical and behavioral, related to your furry little friend in one place. You can maintain vaccination records, service and companion animal documentation, instructions for care, supplements and medications that he is supposed to receive, dietary preferences and other such details and pass all of this to the pet-care professionals. You can also add information like license and pet tracking details in case you ever lose your buddy, manage a contacts list so you always have all your regular and emergency pet contacts at your or your pet’s service provider’s fingertips. And just so you don’t forget when your pet needs to have their vaccinations or their monthly heartworm pill, then our pet service platform will let you set reminders for your pet, too.

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Find Service Provider

PetNetX also works as a marketplace for pet owners and pet care professionals. With our easy to use interface, we put pet owners in contact with service providers for all the needs of their pets. Whether you’re going out of town and are looking for someone to sit your Chihuahua or you’re busy at the office and need someone to take your Mastiff for a walk to the park, PetNetX has an answer for all your needs. And if you are a pet care professional looking for new clients, well, there is no place better than PetNetX to look for them because our community of pet lovers is always in need of excellent vets, sitters, walkers, and other pet care service providers. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

Lost and Found

Time is of the essence when you realize your buddy is missing! But with the help of PetNetX’s Lost and Found feature, you can broadcast a Lost message to the entire PetNetX community and ask them to be on alert for your pet. Or if you find a pet - you can report them found to the community as well. We are a community and are united by our love for our pets. And as a result, we are always looking out for our own. So be rest assured, if you have lost your pet, then our community will find it. And if you have spotted a lost pet, then you can broadcast a Found message that will be relayed to all the members of our community, and the owner will be reunited with his pet.

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Join the PetNetX Community

Buying a membership to better pet protection and services

  • Add Pets
  • Manage Contacts
  • Calendar (add event)
  • Pet Request
  • Email
  • Lost and Found
  • Invite User
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